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MESNE is an architecture and urban design studio. We operate at the nexus of practice, research and teaching, and¬†combine a multifaceted design philosophy with a ‘hands-on’ approach to advanced technologies, in order to develop innovative design that addresses contemporary social and cultural agendas. ¬†Our studio is a creative hub and fosters a collaborative design network, linking diverse disciplines, researchers, practitioners, artists and institutions.


Our practice, research and teaching focus is focused around innovative design strategies and experimental design outcomes that allow contemporary architecture to be realised at the urban scale and at the scale of detailed design. Our work examines the potential opportunities for architectural design and practice through an informed engagement with digital technology and the benefits this represents to contemporary life and culture. It is trans-disciplinary and values connections between and across domains such as architecture, engineering and computer science, as well as other liberal arts and design disciplines. We actively engage with industry in order to innovate and challenge typical design conventions related to process, aesthetics and modes of production.


The agency of our work exists in its capacity to cross-pollinate the worlds of architecture, performing arts, material and computer science, fabrication technologies and engineering. Each project posits new and different ways of navigating this rich design space, which is both an area of productive overlap and terra incognita, and forms open frameworks for speculating about what an architecture might be.

Our work has been part of a range of international and national exhibitions including: Pricking, in Love Lace, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia, 2011, NEXUS, featured in the education program parallel to the exhibition NETWORKS (cells & silos) at Monash University Museum of Art Melbourne, 2011; Nascent Present, State of Design Festival, Melbourne, 2009; Abundant, Object Gallery, Sydney, 2009; Abundant: Australian Exhibition at the 11th International Venice Architecture Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy, 2008; Generatorx_2.0: Beyond the Screen, DAM Gallery in Berlin, Germany, 2008; Emerging Talent, Emerging Technologies, 2nd Architecture Biennale Beijing, Beijing, China, 2006; (Im)Material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture, 3rd Architecture Biennial Beijing, Beijing, China, 2008; Homo Faber: Modelling Ideas, Melbourne, Australia, 2007; Homo Faber: Modelling, Identity and the Post Digital, Melbourne, Australia, 2008; ScriptedByPurpose, F.U.E.L Collection Gallery in Philadelphia, USA, 2007; State of Design: ScreenResolution, Melbourne, Australia, 2007; Responsive Architecture: 9th Annual Subtle Technologies, Toronto, Canada.