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Book Chapters

  • Frumar, JA (2010), ‘Approaching A Steady State Far From Equilibrium’, (in) Homo Faber: Modelling, Identity and the Post Digital, Burry, M, Ostwald, M, Downton, P & Mina, A (eds), Archadia Press, Sydney, pp. 103-110.
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Journal Articles

  • Zhou, YY, Li, J, Frumar, JA & Ren, G (2011), ‘Instant Built Tensegrity Structures with 3D Compression Members’, Advanced Materials Research, vol. 243-49, May, pp. 5894-8.
  • Frumar, JA, Zhou, YY, Xie, YM & Burry MC (2009), ‘Tensegrity structures with 3D compressed components: Development, Assembly and Design’, Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 99-110.

Conference Papers (peer reviewed)

  • SCHORK, T. (2009) Modes of Composition – A Computational Approach, Proceedings of the 2nd Design Modelling Symposium, University of Arts, Berlin (Germany) 5 – 7th October (download paper)
  • SCHORK, T., BURROW, A. & MINIFIE, P. (2009) Cloudnets – A Workbench for Emergent, Proceedings of the 27th eCAADe Conference, Istanbul (Turkey) 16-19 September 2009 (download paper)
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  • SCHORK, T. (2008) Synthetic Making, in Notion of Space, Rochus Hinkel (ed.), Craft Victoria
  • “The Travellers; design collaboration and digital media” in Australasian Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC), Melbourne 2008
  • “The Travellers; design collaboration” refereed paper in ICCCBE-XII & INCITE 2008, Beijing 2008
  • “No Place for Drones”, in Predicting the Future, eCAADe 2007, pp. 249-257
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