Pricking engages with notions of complexity, indeterminacy and material presence within architecture. The work aims towards new conceptualisations of the connection between the ideal and the actual. Pricking explores the connection between medium and materiality through force directed algorithms, which transcend traditional means of paper-based representation and open up a rich fertile ground for innovative design. The work is an interdisciplinary collaboration between MESNE, supermanouevre and Indae Hwang.

Pricking is a free-standing installation comprising a multi-touch light table and interactive digital projection. It displays real-time  behavioural drawings of network systems.

Each drawing embeds material intelligence within a process of emergent phenomena through the use of behavioural-based computational models, and invites users to engage in and influence the ongoing generative process that can be evidenced on the table. By interacting with the table, vistors are able to design their own lace patterns and submit them to an online gallery. Some of the submitted works are then cut out of sheets of paper using a lasercutter and are dislayed in the gallery next to the table. One unanticipated and interesting byproduct of these delicate cut-outs is that their material behaviour is not that of paper anymore but has been transformed into that of a fabric.

Pricking has recently been awarded the winner of ‘digital multimedia’ category in International Lace Award Love Lace at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, where it will be exhibited till April 2012.